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Kids in Danger Android application

This is the KID Android application. It is currently under development.

Developer's Setup

  1. Install JRuby (probably via RVM)
  2. Install Mirah on JRuby (gem install mirah)
  3. Install Android SDK (I am using r16)
  4. Install an Android emulator (I am developing against ICS)
  5. Install Pindah on JRuby (gem install pindah)
  6. rake debug
  7. adb install bin/kid-debug.apk
  8. Launch it on Android!

Running tests

rake test

Writing specs

Be sure to include spec_helper since it will load the java classpath for you. You'll also have to add your class to the import statements. I think we may be able to make this better, though. Then you can use them like any other Ruby class in your rspec.

  • Note: RSpec runs in JRuby, not Mirah!


  1. As a parent, I would like to see the latest recalls, So that I can keep my child safe. - Done. ✓
  2. As a parent, I would like to be alerted when a certain type of product is recalled, so that I can avoid purchasing recalled goods.
  3. As a parent, I would like to be alerted when a recall has been made on my specific items, so that I can immediately protect my child.
  4. As a parent, I would like to scan a product, so that I can quickly get all of my specific items into the application.
  5. As a parent, I would like to manage my list of products, so that when I get rid of an old object I do not get an alert about it.
  6. As a parent, I would like to see the details of a particular recall, So that I can determine whther it affects me. -Hammer

That should be good enough to get us through the mobile contest.