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Probabilistic HLA Typing

In Brief

The goal of this project is to achieve HLA typing by inferring the posterior distribution of types, for a given gene, based upon reads using Bayes's Theorem.


  1. Alignment file parsing -> works!

    We'll move away from this data source at some point as it is meant for human consumption.

  2. Graph representation of HLA alignment -> works pretty well but open for improvement. In particular the following issues remain:

    a. Indexing the graph is presently inefficient and awkward. We're using a k-mer index to represent positions. In particular, they encode the full combinatorial variation in the alleles, but not the biologically relevant ones. Compressed text indices would probably work better and give us nicer properties such as being able to uniquely determine positions.

    b. At present there are accessory structures that don't fit neatly into the data structure (such as the boundary array) and superfluous computations that could be performed at compile time (such as the adjacency calculations).

  3. Alignment to the graph -> works pretty well. The algorithm probably doesn't have the cleanest parameterization as this is a bit of a work-in-progress to determine what is actually necessary for downstream features.

  4. Inference (aka. typing), needs refinements to reduce variance.

In Depth

Alignment file parsing and graph construction

We are using the multiple allele alignment files from IMGT:

HLA-A Genomic Sequence Alignments
IPD-IMGT/HLA Release: 3.24.0
Sequences Aligned: 2016 April 15
Steven GE Marsh, Anthony Nolan Research Institute.
Please see for terms of use.

 gDNA              -300
 A*01:01:01:02N    ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** *********- ---------- ----------
 A*01:01:01:03     ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** **********

as a starting point. These files are parsed by the Mas_parser, and graph construction is performed in Ref_graph


The mhc2gpdf utility can be used to create arbitrary graphs:

$ ./mhc2gpdf.native -f /path/to/IMGT/alignments/dir/A_nuc.txt -o demo --allele "A\*02:01:01:01" --allele-regex "A\\*11:" --no-reference

creates demo.pdf. This tool is described in this blog post.

Building and Development started

Assuming that you have opam installed on relatively recent version of OCaml.

$ make setup                    # opam install dependencies
$ make                          # build library
$ make tools                    # build tools such as mhc2gpdf and type
$ make tests                    # build regression and unit tests