POM with miscellaneous boilerplate for Scala 2.11 projects
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Maven Central

POM with miscellaneous boilerplate for Scala projects:

  • defaults to Scala 2.11.8, but can be made to use 2.10.6 by enabling the 2.10 profile.
    • see hammerlab/magic-rdds for an example simultaneously maintaining 2.10 and 2.11 versions through build and release processes.
  • build/output-directory configuration.
  • disable surefire plugin, enable (and depend on) ScalaTest.
  • configure scala (incremental) compilation.
  • github.repo property fills out <licenses> and <scm> blocks automatically.
  • coverage profile, activated automatically on Travis CI, for computing code-coverage and reporting to Coveralls.
  • release profile, containing release, source jar, java-doc, GPG plugins, and more.

Extend your POM from it like:

  <relativePath />