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Deploy biggish cloud-based clusters.

Some usage instructions and pre-configured scripts are available at hammerlab/stratotemplate.

The Tests

The main test is in two pieces:

  • src/test/ → uses the stratocumulus library to define a cluster deployment.
  • src/test/ → uses the deployed cluster to run a Biokepi workflow.

For the Biokepi submission to work Ketrew should be compiled with TLS support (opam install tls).

Cloud Requirements:

  • a “One-click NFS server”.
  • a host with gcloud installed and configured and password-less ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine ssh-keys ($GCLOUD_HOST below). (also make sure some basic utilities are there like unzip, wget, …)

The test is configured with environment variables:

# Ketrew host that has the `gcloud` tool:
export GCLOUD_HOST=ssh://MyGCloudSSHHost/tmp/KT

# (Optional) Ketrew binary for Ubuntu Xenial (Ketrew will be built if absent).
export KETREW_BIN=""

# (Optional) A prefix for all the names creates (compute nodes and servers):
export NAME_PREFIX="my-first-deplyment"

# (Optional) The number of compute nodes in the cluster:
export NODES=12

# Authentication token for the Ketrew server to deploy:
export KETREW_TOKEN=kjkjdjedekj388787732edkde8ude909e39iki

# The NFS server:
export NFS_VM="stratocumulus-test-nfs-server-vm"
export NFS_PATH="/some-test-storage"

# The URL to download the GATK:
export GATK_JAR_URL=""

# (optional) make the 2nd test (NFS deployment) reuse an existing google disk:
export REUSE_DATA_DISK=more-persistent-disk

# (optional) ask for a Ketrewless cluster:

Start the deployment workflow (a “deployer“ Ketrew server is assumed to be configured/running):

./deployment-test up {view,submit}

When the workflow is done and successful:

./deployment-test status

displays the URL to the WebUI of the Ketrew server; and

./deployment-test ketrew-config some-file.json

outputs a valid Ketrew client-configuration to some-file.json.

One can now run the Biokepi workflow:

KETREW_CONFIG=some-file.json ./biokepi-test go