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require 'rubygems'
require 'hoe'
require './lib/rubigen'
Hoe.plugin :newgem
Hoe.plugin :website
Hoe.plugin :cucumberfeatures
Hoe.plugin :git
# Generate all the Rake tasks
# Run 'rake -T' to see list of generated tasks (from gem root directory)
Hoe.spec 'rubigen' do
developer 'Dr Nic Williams', ''
developer 'Jeremy Kemper', ''
developer 'Ben Klang', ''
extra_deps << ['activesupport','>= 2.3.5']
# Needed when loading active_support/all
extra_deps << ['i18n']
extra_dev_deps << ['rspec','~>1.3']
extra_dev_deps << ['mocha','>= 0.9.8']
extra_dev_deps << ['cucumber','>= 0.6.2']
extra_dev_deps << ['shoulda','>= 2.10.3']
extra_dev_deps << ['hoe']
extra_dev_deps << ['hoe-git']
extra_dev_deps << ['newgem']
require 'newgem/tasks' rescue nil # load /tasks/*.rake
task :default => :features
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