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Added a script to archive (zip) the mongodb and bson drivers.

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1 parent 7a7d33d commit d0b820b2ae4659f318e51f09f240b05010ecaceb @hammingweight committed Apr 1, 2012
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+#! /bin/bash
+mkdir mongodb-erlang
+mkdir bson
+cp -r ebin mongodb-erlang
+cp -r doc mongodb-erlang
+cp -r src mongodb-erlang
+cp -r include mongodb-erlang
+cp -r deps/bson/ebin bson
+cp -r deps/bson/doc bson
+cp -r deps/bson/src bson
+cp -r deps/bson/include bson
+zip -q -r mongodb-erlang -r bson
+rm -r mongodb-erlang
+rm -r bson

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