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Example of how to use vu8 to wrap a C++ class for use in nodejs.

Build Instructions

Use node-gyp, the cross-platform command-line tool written in Node.js for compiling native addon modules for Node.js

vu8_addon_1$ git clone https://github.com/hammonda/vu8.git deps/vu8
vu8_addon_1$ node-gyp configure
vu8_addon_1$ node-gyp build

Run Instructions

vu8_addon_1$ node example.js

Example Code

var addon = require('./build/Release/vu8_addon_1');

var date = new addon.Date(2012, 10, 21);

console.log('julian_day:', date.julian_day());
console.log('day_of_year:', date.day_of_year());
console.log('modjulian_day:', date.modjulian_day());
console.log('week_number:', date.week_number());
console.log('day_number:', date.day_number());

var eom = date.end_of_month();
console.log('end_of_month:', eom.day_number());

Example Output

julian_day: 2456222
day_of_year: 295
modjulian_day: 56221
week_number: 42
day_number: 2456222
end_of_month: 2456232