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The core Unfiltered library no longer depends on the Java Servlet API. Instead, it interacts with abstract request and response traits that require a binding implementation.

  • unfiltered Most applications will now depend on a particular binding library rather than this core library.

  • unfiltered-filter Binds the core library to servlet filters, version 2.3 of the Servlet API. Comparable to the core library in previous versions of Unfiltered.

  • unfiltered-jetty Offers convenience functions for defining an embedded Jetty server. Does not depend on unfiltered-filter, although it is generally expected to be used with it. This module was previously named unfiltered-server. Its server-building class is now unfiltered.jetty.Http.

  • unfiltered-jetty-ajp For defining an embedded Jetty server that supports the Apache JServ Protocol. Previously unfiltered-ajp-server.

  • unfiltered-netty Contributed by daggerrz, this module has "basic alpha Netty support", meaning, the tests pass. It was the motivation for abstracting the Servlet API from the core library and it supports the same kind of synchronous interaction as unfiltered-filter. (Future versions will support asynchronous messages.)

  • unfiltered-spec Now enables integration testing with both Netty and Jetty. This module is used by the core library to test itself against both server modules.

The unfiltered-scalate, unfiltered-uploads, and unfiltered-json modules are unchanged in this release.


The Plan type has the same purpose as before, however it's now available in servlet-filter and Netty varieties. If your application references Plan or Planify, these can now be found in the unfiltered.filter package.

The partial function that defines a Plan is now called an Intent:

type Intent[T] = PartialFunction[HttpRequest[T], ResponseFunction]

The type parameter T allows Unfiltered modules (like uploads) and applications that need to use the actual request and response objects of their underlying implementation to do so type-safely through the underlying fields of HttpRequest and HttpResponse.

The method in a Plan type that defines the partial function is now called intent, by convention and specifically in the PassingIntent base that the filter Netty Plan traits extend. In the previous version's Plan trait it was named filter.


Requirement methods such as int, even that can be expected to fail on user input now take a function such as String => E or Int => E rather than a simple error object E. This allows the failing input to be easily cited in a constructed error message. The predicate builder function pred takes a function A => E for the same purpose. These uses are demonstrated in the softprops/unfiltered.g8 template project.


The demo projects have been removed from the project repository. Users are instead encouraged to try out released versions of Unfiltered using project templates such as softprops/unfiltered.g8.

Scala Support

In addition to Scala 2.7.7 and 2.8.0, this release of Unfiltered is compiled and published with Scala 2.8.1.RC1 for testing purposes.