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Fix a bug where nicks with upper case letters would not count as targ…

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commit b6001c4fb0853b4353c5cc4aeec42258ee2c77e6 1 parent 847a94e
@mythmon mythmon authored
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4 hamper/
@@ -36,9 +36,9 @@ def privmsg(self, user, channel, msg):
directed = msg.startswith(self.nickname)
# This monster of a regex extracts msg and target from a message, where
- # the target may not be there.
+ # the target may not be there, and the target is a valid irc name.
target, msg = re.match(
- r'^(?:([a-z_\-\[\]\\^{}|`][a-z0-9_\-\[\]\\^{}|`]*)[:,] )? *(.*)$',
+ r'^(?:([A-Za-z_\-\[\]\\^{}|`][A-Za-z0-9_\-\[\]\\^{}|`]*)[:,] )? *(.*)$',
if user:

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