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Hamper is an IRC bot to amuse us.


You can install the latest official version of hamper from the Python Package Index. I suggest using pip, but I am told easy_install will work as well.

sudo pip install hamper

If you want the git version of hamper, then checkout out the develop branch, and run

sudo python install


These dependencies will be taken care of automatically if you install with pip. They are only a concern if you install from git.

  • Twisted
  • SQLAlchemy
  • PyYaml
  • The plugin loader of Bravo (included)
  • Exocet (included)


Make a file named hamper.conf. This should be a YAML file containing these fields:

  • nickname
  • channel
  • server
  • port
  • db - A database URL as described here

For an example check out hamper.conf.dist.


Run hamper from a directory containing hamper.conf. If you installed it with pip, you can just say hamper, but if you are running from git, you need to make sure that hamper is on your python path. I like to use this command:

PYTHONPATH="~/git/hamper" python2 ~/git/hamper/hamper/scripts/hamper


Code and design:

Ideas, but no code yet:

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