An open source system for crowdsourcing creation and analysis of legislature
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An open source system for crowdsourcing the creation and analysis of legislation. Inspired by Free Internet Activism and this discussion about crowdsourced legislation software.

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Most bill tracking sites out there are "these are the bills in congress, do you like it or not?"

We need to provide a place for meaningful analysis of the bills so people can say "this exact line is too vague" or "this exact section is the problem I have with it" and then be able to offer comments or suggestions. It also needs to be a place for people to try their own hand at crafting a bill, based on what they have learnt from analysis of the existing ones.

It really is a dual purpose site - learning about legislation by analyzing legislation and applying that learning by building legislation from the ground up.

Problem this software addresses

[...] There are two key dimensions that shape the input legislators receive during the drafting process: barriers to entry and incentive. Lawmakers only hear from people or groups when their incentives overcome the barriers. Typically, barriers to entry are high -- organization, money, and lobbyists are required -- so incentives must be high as well. Thus, those with strong incentives (read: the industry) overcome those barriers. -

Goals of this software

The goal of this software is to get people involved in the creation and analysis of legislation by lowering the barriers to entry and increasing the incentive to participation.

The software should be used to explain, analyse, adjust and interconnect legislation that is already in existence. During that process it should educate the users to allow them to provide more meaningful help and better understand the legislation of their country.

Guiding Principles

  • The barriers to entry should be low for ease of participation
  • There should be incentives and recognition for participation