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94eb358 @harukizaemon More todos
harukizaemon authored
1 * Laziness is the default with lists but perhaps we could consider making them strict unless you ask for them to be lazy???
0e43f80 @harukizaemon More todos
harukizaemon authored
2 * Consider implementing =~ for approximately equals.
affc1de @harukizaemon More todos
harukizaemon authored
3 * Hash should yield entries rather than key, value. This will allow us to extract more Enumerable stuff as well.
896e202 @harukizaemon Bump the version.
harukizaemon authored
4 * Consider re-working Vector to simplify the implementation of Hash/Set.
dccf6f7 @harukizaemon More todos.
harukizaemon authored
5 * Document Enumerable and the expected protocol (ie #each, #filter, #drop, or whatever).
8460cfd @harukizaemon More todos.
harukizaemon authored
6 * Set#sort should probably return a SortedSet.
b315553 @harukizaemon More todos. More failing specs to implement.
harukizaemon authored
7 * More efficient initialisation of Hash/Set (ie Trie), and Vector by not copying.
6a5c105 @harukizaemon More todos.
harukizaemon authored
8 * Should mutable variants wrap results (eg #tail) in a mutable?
2af594d More todos.
Simon Harris authored
9 * Methods should accept 1 or many.
d6b1f5f Extract immutability.
Simon Harris authored
10 * Make Trie.include Immutable
35f83cf More todos.
Simon Harris authored
11 * Make List#size not O(n)!
c449ea5 Implement List#hash.
Simon Harris authored
12 * Add List #fill, #sample, #insert, #insert_by, #permutation (aliased as #permutations), #subsequences, #transpose
bd4be85 Implement Set#hash.
Simon Harris authored
13 * Add Set #cycle, #sample
5ad00b4 Implement Hash#hash.
Simon Harris authored
14 * Add Hash #count, #partition, #one?, #sort, #sort_by, #max(imum), #min(imum), #cycle, #clear, #key
b7fd0b2 More todos!
Simon Harris authored
15 * Work out what we can extract into common "Enumerable-like" code.
48aa5e8 More todos.
Simon Harris authored
16 * Generate spec docs
57a39e8 Added missing immutability tests to List.
Simon Harris authored
17 * Add missing immutability tests to Set
18 * Add missing immutability tests to Hash
19 * Add missing immutability tests to Stack
4cb7834 More todos.
Simon Harris authored
20 * Re-write Trie test-first (it was only a spike)
daba601 More todos.
Simon Harris authored
21 * Implement a circular queue based on a queue that enqueues on every dequeue.
d10f4ab Implement Queue#clear.
Simon Harris authored
22 * Should RCU collections return RCU collections? Eg. RCUSet#map -> RCUSet
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