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Build Bootable FreeBSD Image for Raspberry Pi 2 with Vagrant, Crochet, and Ansible
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Build Bootable FreeBSD Image for Raspberry Pi 2 with Vagrant, Crochet, and Ansible

This repo accompanies the blog post Build Bootable FreeBSD Image for Raspberry Pi 2 with Vagrant, Crochet, and Salt, except here Ansible is used instead of SaltStack. While the blog details manual steps this repo is more a clone-and-play type of deal.


Install Vagrant (tested with v1.9.1), VirtualBox (tested with v5.0.30), and Ansible (tested with v2.2.1.0 with Python 3.5).

Clone this repo. Optionally, edit Vagrantfile or playbook.yml to fit your requirements. Run Vagrant.

user@host$ vagrant up

Once the machine is up and provisioned SSH into it.

user@host$ vagrant ssh freebsd12

cd to ~/crochet and create an image. On my machine it took about 140 minutes to complete a build.

vagrant@freebsd12$ cd /home/vagrant/crochet
vagrant@freebsd12$ sudo /bin/sh -c

Log out of the SSH session and copy the image to your machine.

vagrant@freebsd12$ exit
user@host$ vagrant scp freebsd12:/home/vagrant/crochet/work/FreeBSD-RPI2.img.xz .

Uncompress the image and write it to a MicroSD card.

user@host$ xz -d FreeBSD-RPI2.img.xz
user@host$ sudo dd if=FreeBSD-RPI2.img of=/dev/rdisk596870 bs=1m && sync

Image Customization

I create an image with customizations -- such as network settings -- for my hardware setup. Later I use Ansible to manage the box when it's up and running.

These customizations go in the customize_freebsd_partition ( ) section in the config file. File with my customizations is in this repo and named

NOTE: Modify ssid and psk (lines 318 and 319) values in before building the image or WLAN will not connect after boot.


In future -- when you need to build newer versions of FreeBSD -- update the subversion repo and build a new image.

user@host$ vagrant ssh freebsd12
vagrant@freebsd12$ cd /home/vagrant/crochet/src
vagrant@freebsd12$ svnlite update
vagrant@freebsd12$ cd /home/vagrant/crochet
vagrant@freebsd12$ rm -rf /home/vagrant/crochet/work
vagrant@freebsd12$ sudo /bin/sh -c

To update the Vagrant VM/box itself you need to destroy it and create a new one. You will lose all data when you destroy Vagrant box.

user@host$ vagrant box update
user@host$ vagrant destroy -f
user@host$ vagrant up
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