Ansible & Vagrant to run Colin Percival's to create Ubiquiti EdgeRouter lite FreeBSD image
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Build FreeBSD Image for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite with Vagrant and freebsd-ERL-build

This repo accompanies the blog post FreeBSD on EdgeRouter Lite - no serial port required and the git repo freebsd-ERL-build. It doesn't re-implement the script. Instead, it makes it easy to spin up a new Vagrant environment to run the script - written by Colin Percival - to build the image.

Install make, Vagrant and VirtualBox.

For simplicity, I have removed any steps that required Ansible.

Clone this repo (GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket).

Optionally, edit Vagrantfile to fit your requirements.

I'm using make to build the workflow. The included Makefile is pretty simple to read and hack.

$ make

Initialize your environment. Should need to do just once.

$ make init

Build an image. On my machine it took about 50 minutes to complete a build. It always pulls in newest changes from FreeBSD svn.

$ make build

Monitor status of build. Shows tail of build log so you can see if it is done.

$ make monitor

Once the image is built, copy it to your machine.

$ make get

Write image to a USB thumb drive. Use the correct name of your device in the of= part of the command.

$ sudo dd if=erl-freebsd.img of=/dev/rdisk596870 bs=1m && sync

You can clean up some stuff in the Vagrant machine between builds.

$ make clean

If you want to get rid of the Vagrant machine,

$ make destroy