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Install Latest Python on CentOS 7

This repo accompanies the blog post Install Latest Python on CentOS 7. While the blog details manual steps this repo is more a clone-and-play type of deal.


Install Vagrant (tested with v1.9.1), VirtualBox (tested with v5.0.30), and Ansible (tested with v2.2.1.0 with Python 3.5).

Clone this repo. Optionally, edit Vagrantfile or playbook.yml to fit your requirements. Run Vagrant.

user@host$ vagrant up

Once the machine is up it has been provisioned with all the repos and packages required to get going Review playbook.yaml for more information. SSH into the VM.

user@host$ vagrant ssh centos7

Run invoke to cleanup (not necessary the first time but needed afterwards), setup (download Python source rpm package and prepare to build), and build.

vagrant@centos7$ invoke clean setup build

Copy all rpm packages in /home/vagrant/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/ to your own repo and install them as needed on CentOS 7 boxes.


To update the Vagrant box you can either update OS packages with yum or you can destroy this box, download a newer Vagrant box, and provision it. Be warned that with the latter option you will lose all data.

Option 1

vagrant@centos7$ sudo yum upgrade

Option 2

user@host$ vagrant destroy -f
user@host$ vagrant box update
user@host$ vagrant up