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Send email notifications for payment operations fon a stellar account. It can be configured to listen for operations for a signle account or listen for multiple accounts.

**Note: ** This is a standalone implementation that is meant to be to be added to your existing setup. Might be useful to anchors, wallets, etc.


Download or clone the repository and run the following command npm install to download the needed dependecies. You might need to install the npm packages for mysql, pg or sqlite3. Depending on the database you are using.

#Configuration Note: You need to use the mailgun api to send emails. You can create a mailgun account here.

Open the file "config/default.json" and set the following values

  • "streamType": this can be set to either SINGLE or MULTIPLE. In SINLGE mode it listens to payments made to a particular account. In MULTIPLE mode it listens to all payments, matches payments with record in your database and sends a notification to the registered email
  • "mode": this can be TEST or LIVE. TEST === Stellar test network. LIVE === Stellar public network.
  • "accountID": Stellar account ID
  • "Database.type": MULTIPLE mode supports 3 database types. Values can be either mysql, pg(postgresql) or sqlite3
  • "": host. Set this for either mysql or pg.
  • "Database.dbName": Name of the database you wish to connect to.
  • "Database.tableName": Database table holding user information
  • "Database.user": Authorised user for database access.
  • "Database.password": Password for database user.
  • "Database.filename": Location of file. Set this only for sqlite DB
  • "Mail.devMode" : Indicates whether to send email or not. 1 === "Do not send", 0 === "Send email"
  • "Mail.apiKey": Mailgun API Key
  • "Mail.domain" : domain name linked to your mailgun account,
  • "Mail.fromAddress": Sender email address,
  • "Mail.toAddress": Recepient email address,
  • "Mail.fromName": Sender Name,
  • "Mail.signature": Sender signature

By default, tx-notify.js is set to connect to the Stellar test network. You can change this to public network in the config/default.json file.

#Start the app To run the app, open a terminal navigate to the folder and type

node tx-notify.js

#Update Added feature: Send notifications for all operations not just payments

#How it Works

SINGLE Mode In single mode you have to specify just one account ID and an email address to send notifications. This is done in the Config file, stated above. Once a payment is received it is either printed out on the console or sent to the specified email address if Mail.devMode is 0.

MULTIPLE Mode In multiple mode you specify a database the app connects to. Once connected it loads the account_id and emails to a local object and listens to all payments on the network.

Once a payment record is received, It tries to find a match between the received account ID an entry retrieved from your database. If a match is found, the record is either printed out on the console or sent to the specified email address if Mail.devMode is 0.


Try running the app and send a payment to any of the account ID's. You should see the generated email content printed on the terminal.

Remember to set Mail.devMode = 0 and mode = TEST. In order to carry out transactions and not to send emails to invalid addresses.

#For custom implementation, just send a message.

#Comments and Contributions Kindly use the issue tracker

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