Migration tool from Microsoft Visual Source Safe to Git, Mercurial or Bazaar
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vss2git.rb is a tool to migrate from Microsoft Visual Source Safe to Git, Mercurial or Bazaar.

vss2git.rb は、Microsoft Visual Source Safe から Git, Vercurial もしくは Bazaar に移行するためのツールです。


  • Microsoft Windows operating system

    • Windows 7
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 8, VISTA ... not verified, may be OK
  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe

    • VSS 2005 ... Language setting should be set to English.
    • VSS 6.0d ... English version is necessaly.
  • Target version control system
    Command path should be added to the execution PATH.

    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Bazaar
  • Ruby 2.0 or 1.9.3 (32 bit version)


ruby vss2git.rb -r <runmode> -s <vssdir> -u <user> [-p <password>]
                [-c <vcs>] [-d <email domain>] [-l <user list>]
                [-b <branch>] [-e a<verbose>] [-t <time>]
                [-w <workingdir>] VSS_PROJECT

-r|--runmode      Run mode (0, 1, 2) (defualt:1)
                    0: Analyze
                    1: Full migration
                    2: Continuous migration
-s|--vssdir       Absolute path to VSS repository
-u|--user         VSS user name
-p|--password     VSS password
-c|--vcs          Target version control system
                  "git", "hg" or "bzr"
-d|--emaildomain  e-mail domain
-l|--userlist     User list file (JSON format)
                      "user name on VSS":
                       ["user name on VCS", "e-mail address"],
                      "user name on VSS":
                       ["user name on VCS", "e-mail address"],
-b|--branch       A successful Git branching model (0, 1, 2) (default:0)
                    0: No branching model
                    1: Branching model type 1
                       master:  Production branch
                       develop: Development branch
                    2: Branching model type 2
                       master:  Development branch
                       product: Production branch
-e|--verbose      Verbose mode (0, 1, 2) (default:1)
                      0-1: Output migration log + author list
                      2:   + dump of internal objest (for debug)
                      0:   No output
                      1-2: Processing status
-t|--timeshift    Time to shift (-12 .. 12)
-w|--workingdir   Path to the root of working folder
-v|--version      Print version
-h|--help         Print help


Case 1

  • VSS repository: C:\vssrepo\library
  • VSS project: $/
  • VSS user: hanaguro
  • Target VCS: git


> ruby vss2git.rb -r1 -s C:\vssrepo\library -u hanaguro -c git $/ >mig.log

Case 2

  • VSS repository: \\vssrepo\library
  • VSS project: $/PRODUCT-1
  • VSS user: hanaguro
  • VSS password: abc123
  • Target VCS: git
  • Email domain: mail.abcdefg.co.jp
  • User list file: C:\doc\user.json
  • Branching model: type 2
  • Working root: PRODUCT-1


> ruby vss2git.rb -r1 -s \\\vssrepo\library -u hanaguro -p abc123
  -c git -d mail.abcdefg.co.jp -l c:\doc\user.json -b2 
  -w PRODUCT-1 $/PRODUCT-1 >mig.log

Let's try!

Let's migrate from sample VSS repository to Git repository.

1. Create sample VSS

Enter "sample" folder and execute "mk_sample_vss.rb".
The "mk_sample_vss.rb" do following.

  • Create working folder "sample\work".
  • Create Sample VSS repository in "sample\vss".


\> cd sample  
sample\> ruby mk_sample_vss.rb
Enter VSS command directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

2. Excute vss2git.rb to migrate

Enter "sample" folder and execute "migrate.bat" to migrate.
The "migrate.bat" do following.

  • Create git working folder "sample\git".
  • Migrate VSS to git.


sample\> migrate

Change log

Ver 1.10

  • Change the specification of command line option "-r".
    When you specify "-r0", you can analyze VSS to get VSS information and user list without migration.