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General purpose Command Line Interface (CLI) framework for Ruby

v0.2.0 - 2018-04-11

v0.2.0.rc2 - 2018-04-06

v0.2.0.rc1 - 2018-03-30

v0.2.0.beta2 - 2018-03-23


  • [Anton Davydov & Luca Guidi] Support objects as callbacks


  • [Anton Davydov & Luca Guidi] Ensure callbacks' context of execution (aka self) to be the command that is being executed

v0.2.0.beta1 - 2018-02-28


  • [Anton Davydov] Register before/after callbacks for commands

v0.1.1 - 2018-02-27


  • [Luca Guidi] Official support for Ruby: MRI 2.5


  • [Alfonso Uceda] Ensure default values for arguments to be sent to commands
  • [Alfonso Uceda] Ensure to fail when a missing required argument isn't provider, but an option is provided instead

v0.1.0 - 2017-10-25

v0.1.0.rc1 - 2017-10-16

v0.1.0.beta3 - 2017-10-04

v0.1.0.beta2 - 2017-10-03


- [Alfonso Uceda] Allow default value for arguments

v0.1.0.beta1 - 2017-08-11


- [Alfonso Uceda, Luca Guidi] Commands banner and usage - [Alfonso Uceda] Added support for subcommands

  • [Alfonso Uceda] Validations for arguments and options
  • [Alfonso Uceda] Commands arguments and options
  • [Alfonso Uceda] Commands description
  • [Alfonso Uceda, Oana Sipos] Commands aliases
  • [Luca Guidi] Exit on unknown command
  • [Luca Guidi, Alfonso Uceda, Oana Sipos] Command lookup
  • [Luca Guidi, Tim Riley] Trie based registry to register commands and allow third-parties to override/add commands