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jodosha committed Feb 5, 2016
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def hanami_version

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title: Announcing Hanami v0.7.1
date: 2016-02-05 15:41 UTC
tags: announcements
author: Trung Lê
image: true
excerpt: >
Fixes for static assets serving, Hanami console and minor improvements

This is a patch release that addresses some bugs reported after [v0.7.0 release](/blog/2016/01/22/lotus-is-now-hanami.html).

## Bug Fixes

### hanami [v0.7.1](

- Fix console engine fallback [[Anatolii Didukh](]
- Fixed routing issue when static assets server tried to hijiack requests belonging to dynamic endpoints [[Anton Davydov](]

### hanami-utils [v0.7.1](

- Allow non string objects to be escaped by `Hanami::Utils::Escape` [[Sean Collins](]
- `Hanami::Utils::Escape`: fixed Ruby warning for `String#chars` with a block, which is deprecated. Using `String#each_char` now [[Yuuji Yaginuma](]

### hanami-router [v0.6.2](

- Fix double leading slash for Capybara's `current_path` [[Anton Davydov](]

### hanami-controller [v0.6.1](

- Optimise memory usage by freezing MIME types constant [[Anatolii Didukh](]

### hanami-view [v0.6.1](

- Preload partial templates in order to boost performances for partials rendering (2x faster) [[Steve Hook](]

### hanami-model [v0.6.2](

- Mapping SQL Adapter's errors as `Hanami::Model` errors [[Hélio Costa e Silva](] & [[Pascal Betz](]

### hanami-assets [v0.2.1](

- Fix recursive Sass imports [[Luca Guidi](]
- Ensure to truncate assets in `public/` before to precompile/copy them [[Luca Guidi](]

## Upgrade Instructions

In order to get these bug fixes edit `Gemfile` to make sure it uses the right dependencies and then run `bundle update` from the root of the project.
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