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Added repository istructions for legacy databases

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* The caller can be easily tested in isolation. It's just a matter of stubbing this method.

* If we change the storage, the callers aren't affected.

## Legacy Database

By default, a repository performs auto-mapping of corresponding database table and creates an [automatic schema](/guides/models/entities#automatic-schema) for the associated entity.

When working with legacy databases we can resolve the naming mismatch between the table name, the columns, with repositories defaults and entities attributes.

Let's say we have a database table like this:

CREATE TABLE t_operator (
operator_id integer NOT NULL,
s_name text

We can setup our repository with the following code:

# lib/bookshelf/repositories/operator_repository.rb
class OperatorRepository < Hanami::Repository
self.relation = :t_operator
mapping do
attribute :id, from: :operator_id
attribute :name, from: :s_name

While the entity can stay with the basic setup:

# lib/bookshelf/entities/operator.rb
class Operator < Hanami::Entity


The entity now gets the mapping we defined in the repository:

operator = "Jane") # => "Jane"

The repository can use the same mapped attributes:

operator = "Jane")
# => #<Operator:0x007f8e43cbcea0 @attributes={:id=>1, :name=>"Jane"}>

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