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# Logging

Within a [Container project](/guides/architectures/container), each application has a Ruby constant that gives us access to its logger.
Within a project, each application has its own logger

<p class="convention">
For a given application named <code>Web</code>, there is a Ruby constant <code>Web::Logger</code> defined at the runtime by Hanami.
For a given application named <code>Web</code>, logger is accessible at <code>Web.logger</code>.

Using the per-environment application settings we can define the behavior of the logger: the destination `stream`, `format`, and `level`.
@@ -77,5 +77,5 @@ Because of its parseability, JSON is the default format for production environme
The logger is very similar to Ruby's `Logger`; you can use it like this:

Web::Logger.debug "Hello"
Web.logger.debug "Hello"

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