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Guides removed Indifferent Access from params 🎉

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If we visit `/dashboard?q=foo`, we should see `Query string: foo`.

### Indifferent Access
### Symbol Access

Until the version 2.2.0 of MRI (Matz Ruby Interpreter), symbols weren't garbage collected.
Because params come from untrusted sources (the web), we cannot automatically symbolize their keys.
This is a security mechanism to avoid an attack called _Symbol DoS_.

Params are stored internally with string keys, but they offer a convenient access for symbols too.
Params and nested params can be referenced **only** via symbols.

# or

<p class="warning">
Indifferent Access may be removed in future versions of Hanami in favor of symbol access only.

### Nested Access

Params also offer indifferent access for nested values.

# or

Now, what happens if the parameter `:book` is missing from the request?

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