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Announcing Lotus v0.6.1

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title: Announcing Lotus v0.6.1
date: 2016-01-19 8:48 UTC
tags: announcements
author: Luca Guidi
image: true
excerpt: >
Minor fixes for CLI, cookie sessions and database exceptions.

This is a patch release that addresses some bugs reported after [v0.6.0 release](/blog/2016/01/12/announcing-lotus-060.html).

## Bug Fixes

### lotusrb [v0.6.1](

- Show the current app name in Welcome page (eg. `/admin` shows instructions on how to generate an action for `Admin` app) [[Anton Davydov](]
- Fix project creation when name contains dashes (eg. `"awesome-project" => "AwesomeProject"`) [[Anton Davydov](]
- Ensure to add assets related entries to `.gitignore` when a project is generated with the `--database` flag [[Anton Davydov](]
- Avoid blank lines in generated `Gemfile` [[deepj](]
- Fix for `lotus destroy app`: it doesn't cause a syntax error in `config/application.rb` anymore [[trexnix](]
- Ensure console to use the bundled engine [[Serg Ikonnikov]( & [Trung Lê](]

### lotus-utils [v0.6.1](

- Ensure `Lotus::Utils::String#classify` to work properly with dashes (eg. `"app-store" => "App::Store"`) [[Anton Davydov](]

### lotus-router [v0.5.1](

- Print stacked lines for routes inspection [[Anton Davydov](]

### lotus-controller [v0.5.1](

- Ensure `rack.session` cookie to not be sent twice when both `Lotus::Action::Cookies` and `Rack::Session::Cookie` are used together [[Alfonso Uceda](]

### lotus-model [v0.5.2](

- Improved error message for `Lotus::Model::Adapters::NoAdapterError` [[Sean Collins](]
- Catch Sequel exceptions and re-raise as `Lotus::Model::Error` [[Kyle Chong]( & [Trung Lê](]

## Upgrade Instructions

In order to get these bug fixes, just run `bundle update` from the root of the project.

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