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Announcing hanami 100beta2 (#283)

* Add Luca Guidi as contributor.

* [Draft] Blog post for announcing 1.0.0.beta2 version.

* Small fixes: correct gem versions, styling, readability.

* Update announcement: flash messages survive after redirect.

* Last changes for v1.0.0.beta2 announcement

* Bump version to v1.0.0.beta2

* Make cover more colorful

* Contributors in alphabetical order

* Unescape underscores if we preview as code.
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title: Announcing Hanami v1.0.0.beta1
date: 2017-02-14 13:33 UTC
tags: announcements
author: Oana Sipos
author: Luca Guidi & Oana Sipos
image: true
excerpt: >
Feature freeze, project logger, automatic logging of requests, SQL queries, and migrations. Minor bug fixes.
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title: Announcing Hanami v1.0.0.beta2
date: 2017-03-02 13:33 UTC
tags: announcements
author: Luca Guidi & Oana Sipos
image: true
excerpt: >
Small fixes preparing the stable 1.0.0 version

## Minor Changes

`v1.0.0.beta2` is a patch release for few bug fixes:

- Fixed migrations MySQL detection of username and password
- Fixed migrations creation/drop of a MySQL database with a dash in the name
- Ensure `db console` to work when Postgres connection URL is defined with `"postgresql://"` scheme
- Allow to define Postgres connection URL as `"postgresql:///mydb?host=localhost&port=6433&user=postgres&password=testpasswd"`
- Add `Action#unsafe_send_file` to send files outside of the public directory of a project
- Ensure HTTP Cache to not crash when `HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE` and `HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH` have blank values
- Ensure to return 404 when `Action#send_file` cannot find a file with a globbed route
- Flash messages survive after a redirect
- Don't mutate Rack env when sending files
- Deep symbolize params from parsed body
- `Hanami::Router#recognize` must return a non-routeable object when the endpoint cannot be resolved
- Made `Utils::Blank` private API

## Released Gems

* `hanami-1.0.0.beta2`
* `hanami-model-1.0.0.beta2`
* `hamami-controller-1.0.0.beta2`
* `hanami-router-1.0.0.beta2`
* `hanami-utils-1.0.0.beta2`

## Contributors

We're grateful for each person who contributed to this release. These lovely people are:

* [Alfonso Uceda](
* [Anton Davydov](
* [Craig M. Wellington](
* [Marcello Rocha](
* [Marion Duprey](
* [Marion Schleifer](
* [Oana Sipos](
* [Sean Collins](
* [Semyon Pupkov](
* [Valentyn Ostakh](

## How To Update Your Project

Edit your `Gemfile`:

gem 'hanami', '1.0.0.beta2'
gem 'hanami-model', '1.0.0.beta2'

Then run `bundle update hanami hanami-model`.

## What's Next?

[Since `v1.0.0.beta1`](/blog/2017/02/14/announcing-hanami-100beta1.html), **Hanami API's are stable and won't be changed until 2.0**.

We'll keep to release small _beta_/_rc_ versions to integrate fixes for reported bugs.

The final stable release (`v1.0.0`) will happen between the end of March and the beginning of April 2017, which coincides with the [Hanami season in Japan]( 🌸
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