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New version of dry-types (1.2.0) produced dependency conflicts #555

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base: unstable


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commented Oct 7, 2019

We've tried to upgrade a dependency and got errors running Bundler. It looks like there is a version conflict between two or more dependencies. Depfu doesn't try to solve these, as this would mean to update more than one dependency at a time.

Please take a look at the exact failure to figure out if this is something you need to work on.

The bundler error message was:

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "dry-types":
  In Gemfile:
    dry-types (~> 1.2.0)

    rom-sql (~> 1.3, >= 1.3.5) was resolved to 1.3.5, which depends on
      dry-types (~> 0.11.0)

What changed?

✳️ dry-types (~> 0.11.0 → ~> 1.2.0) · Repo · Changelog

Release Notes


1.2.0 2019-10-06


  • Dry::Types.[] used to work with classes, now it's deprecated (flash-gordon)


  • Bug with using a Bool-named struct as a schema key (flash-gordon)
  • A bunch of issues related to using meta on complex types (flash-gordon)
  • Types.Constructor(...) returns a Types::Array as it should (flash-gordon)


  • Optional::Params types that coerce empty strings to nil (flash-gordon)

    Dry::Types['optional.params.integer'].('') # => nil
    Dry::Types['optional.params.integer'].('140') # => 140
    Dry::Types['optional.params.integer'].('asd') # => exception!

    Keep in mind, Dry::Types['optional.params.integer'] and Dry::Types['params.integer'].optional are not the same, the latter doesn't handle empty strings.

  • Predicate inferrer was ported from dry-schema (authored by solnic)

    require 'dry/types/predicate_inferrer'[Types::String]
    # => [:str?][Types::String | Types::Integer]
    # => [[[:str?], [:int?]]]

    Note that the API of the predicate inferrer can change in the stable version, it's dictated by the needs of dry-schema so it should be considered as semi-stable. If you depend on it, write specs covering the desired behavior. Another option is copy-and-paste the whole thing to your project.

  • Primitive inferrer was ported from dry-schema (authored by solnic)

    require 'dry/types/primitive_inferrer'[Types::String]
    # => [String][Types::String | Types::Integer]
    # => [String, Integer][Types::String.optional]
    # => [NilClass, String]

    The primitive inferrer should be stable by now, you can rely on it.

  • The monads extension adds Dry::Types::Result#to_monad. This makes it compatible with do notation from dry-monads. Load it with Dry::Types.load_extensions(:monads) (skryukov)

    Types = Dry.Types

    class AddTen
    include Dry::Monads[:result, :do]

    def call(input)
    integer = yield Types::Coercible::Integer.try(input)

    <span class="pl-c1">Success</span>(integer <span class="pl-k">+</span> <span class="pl-c1">10</span>)


Compare v1.1.1...v1.2.0

Does any of this look wrong? Please let us know.


See the full diff on Github. The new version differs by 32 commits:

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@depfu depfu bot added the depfu label Oct 7, 2019
@jodosha jodosha changed the base branch from master to unstable Oct 8, 2019
@jodosha jodosha self-assigned this Oct 8, 2019
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