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This template kit combines XSLT utilities we regularly use in our projects. Some templates require a specific XML structure provided by our Kirby XSLT plugin. If you are working with Symphony CMS, have a look at the dedicated branch.


The kit requires the EXSLT extension,


All templates are namespaced, please add the following to your stylesheet:

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"

Included templates and modes

All templates can be applied using <xsl:apply-templates /> using the matching mode:

  • kit:transform: If you apply this mode to a HTML structure, nothing changes in the output by default. But this mode allows you to offset the headline hierarchy, e. g. changing a h1 to a h3, or to match templates to elements allowing custom transforms. This is very helpful when you are dealing with HTML sources generated using Markdown. For more information see
  • kit:dates: Formats Kirby XSLT date nodes to a human readable date.
  • kit:dates-time: Formats Kirby XSLT date nodes to a human readabel time.
  • kit:dates-range: Creates human readable date and time ranges from a Kirby XSLT date node.
  • kit:dates-years: Creates human readable year ranges from a node set containing year values.
  • kit:list: Converts node sets to list, e. g. using a comma separator.
  • kit:links: Creates human friendly links.
  • kit:email: Creates a HTML link from a textual e-mail node.
  • kit:name: Formats a name with title, prefix and suffix.

There is also a language template containing information about the current Kirby content language as well as translation strings.