Connecting multiple Kinect For Windows V2 sensors to one Mac
C C++ Makefile


Connecting more than one Kinect For Windows V2 sensor to one Supports only OSX. Based on the excellent work by


  • oF 0.9.0 or newer
  • example projects are generated with oF 0.9.3 project generator


  • More than one Kinect V2 to one Mac
  • 30fps depth decoding using GPU (OpenCL)
  • OpenGL depth to color registration (experimental)

Xcode Project Setup

Add these libraries/frameworks to Build Phases > Linked Frameworks and Libraries

  • OpenCL.framework
  • usb-1.0.0-superspeed.a from ofxMultiKinectV2/libs/libusb/lib/osx
  • libturbojpeg.dylib from ofxTurboJpeg/libs/turbo-jpeg/lib/osx

Add these libraries/frameworks to Build Phases > Copy Files and make sure the Desination is set to Frameworks

  • libturbojpeg.dylib


  • ofxTurboJpeg

    • Now we can use original master instead of Satoru Higa's fork (Apr 2016)

    #define USE_OFX_TURBO_JPEG


  • The requirement is almost same as ofxKinectV2
    • Check the notes above first.
  • Tested environments:
    • MacBookProRetina (Mid2012) + OSX Yosemite (v 10.10.1) + oF v0.8.4 + Kinect V2 x2 (retail version)
      • Some depth packets are dropped when connecting two Kinect V2 to built-in USB3 ports.
      • Works well when connecting one Kinect V2 to built-in port meanwhile another Kinect V2 to CalDigit.
    • MacBookProRetina (Mid2014) + OSX Yosemite (v 10.10.5) + oF pre-0.9 + KinectV2 x2 (retail + dev version)
    • Mac Pro (Late2013) + OSX Mavericks (v 10.9.5) + oF v 0.9.0 + Kinect V2 x5
      • On Mac Pro + Yosemite or El Capitan, currently this addon will not work! Please downgrade OS to Mavericks if you want to use this addon on Mac Pro.
  • If you're not seeing data out of the Kinect and see Failed to reset Kinect messages in the console, see a workaround in this issue from libfreenect2