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MetaBridge is a Shiny-based web application designed to facilitate the integration of metabolomics data with other omics data types, chiefly transcriptomics and proteomics. It leverages publicly available data from MetaCyc and KEGG to map input metabolites to genes through pathways and reactions in which the metabolite is involved.


MetaBridge supports integrative multi-omic analyses by identifying the enzymes that directly interact with your metabolites of interest, providing genes which may then be easily integrated with results from other omics methods. An example integrative analysis pipeline using MetaboAnalyst, MetaBridge, and NetworkAnalyst is outlined below:


To learn how to use MetaBridge as part of a network-based integrative analysis workflow, please read the tutorial provided at MetaBridge. For a more detailed guide on using MetaBridge you can read our publication in Current Protocols in Bioinformatics.

Help & Bug Reporting

If you encounter problems when using MetaBridge, please create an issue on our Github page, including detailed information on your input and any errors or messages you received (screenshots encouraged).


When using MetaBridge for your own analysis, please cite one of the following:


MetaBridge was developed by Samuel Hinshaw, as part of his work at the REW Hancock Laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Further updates and ongoing maintenance are done by Travis Blimkie, a current member of the Hancock Lab.


Source code for MetaBridge is available under GNU General Public License v3.


This app utilizes SemVer as outlined here.