All I want for christmas is a drum kit ball pit
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Hacky set of python scripts which (using pygame and OpenCV) takes a webcam feed and a directory full of audio files, lets you click on the webcam image to set "Hotspots" in the visual field, detects motion in those hotspots and plays a sound when the hotspot is activated.

The code

  • reads the directory listing,
  • counts how many soundfiles there are,
  • sets the pygame mixer to have the right number of channels so you can play multiple sounds at once,
  • reads the sounds into pygame objects,
  • enters a video loop where the camera feed is read continually

In the camera loop...

  • a moving average background model is maintained, based on a sliding window
  • this is displayed to the user in one video preview
  • motion is detected by subtracting the current frame from the background model
  • this is displayed to the user in the other video preview window

Setting the hotspots

If you click on the background model, it'll add a hotspot at that location. You can click as many times as there are sound files in your "sounds" directory

Using the program

Wave your arms and bang the drums

All I want for christmas is a drum kit ball pit

If you are feeling ambitious, point the camera at a ball pit.