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A new documentation site for handlebars.js and the handlebars-language
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This is the repository for a new-to-come Handlebars documentation site.

The site can be previewed at

When finished, it might become some time...

Why vuepress?

There are a lot of static page generators out there nowadays. I have chosen vuepress over other systems for several reasons:

  • I like vuejs.
  • Vuepress builds fast loading static sites with modern PWA technologies.
  • Vuepress is centered around markdown, but leaves the opportunity to inject interactive parts if needed
  • Vuepress has a simple predefined way of adapting stylesheets, which makes it easy to adapt colors from the original site without rewriting the whole css
  • The vuejs documentation site is build with vuepress, so it will hopefully be around for a while.

You can challenge me and propose other solutions, but you might be asked to help out if you do.

-- Nils

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