Example tmux configuration - screen + vim key-bindings, system stat, cpu load bar.
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Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. Tested with tmux 1.5 and 1.6.

This config has support for tmux-mem-cpu.

Prefix mapped to Ctrl-A for screen users.



git clone https://github.com/tony/tmux-config.git ~/.tmux-tony

Copy tmux config to home:

ln -s ~/.tmux-tony/.tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf

Go to config dir:

cd ~/.tmux-tony

Prep ourself to download submodule:

git submodule init

Download submodule:

git submodule update

Change dir to tmux-mem-cpu-load:

cd ~/.tmux-tony/vendor/tmux-mem-cpu-load

General make file:

cmake .

Compile our binary:


Install our binary to /usr/local/bin/tmux-mem-cpu-load:

sudo make install

Go home:

cd ~

Update config:

tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

Start tmux

To start a session:


To reattach a previous session:

tmux attach

To reload config file

<Control + b>: (which could Ctrl-B or Ctrl-A if you overidden it) then source-file ~/.tmux.conf


Our prefix/leader key is Control + a now (just like the screen multiplexer). This sequence must be typed before any tmux shortcut.

  • Control + a before any command
  • Control + a then ? to bring up list of keyboard shortcuts
  • Control + a then " to split window
  • Control + a then <Space> to change pane arrangement
  • Control + a then o to rotate panes
  • Control + a then h, j, k, l to move left, down, up, right. Respectively. (vim hjkl)
  • Control + a then ; to go to last panel

Beyond your first window:

  • Control + a then c to create a new window
  • Control + a then n to next window
  • Control + a then p to previous window
  • Control + a then [0-9] move to window number
  • Control + a then & to kill window

by Tony Narlock (tony@git-pull.com)