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This is a modified version from
We use jquery to let it be unobtrusive.
= Stickies

Stickies is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that provides some easy to use yet
powerful features for displaying status messages.  It's a replacement for the
traditional use of placing such messages in the flash.

== Examples

The following line goes in your layout, where you normally render messages
that are in the flash:

 <%= render_stickies %>

Once that is place, you can use the helper methods from your controllers or
views for adding messages to the message collection:

 error_stickie("Your account has been disabled")
 warning_stickie("Your account will expire in 3 days")
 notice_stickie("Account activated")
 debug_stickie("This only works when RAILS_ENV is development")

== Features

* Displayed messages have a close link to remove them from the web page
* Messages default to only being displayed once (they disappear on the next page load)
* Messages can stick around until a user closes them
* You can choose to have a specific message display every so often

To display a warning that a user's browser sucks, no more than once every 24

 warning_stickie("Your browser sucks", {
   :remember => true,
   :name     => :browser_warning,
   :seen_in  => 24.hours,