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Hugo - Hugo based Serverless Blog

CircleCI FOSSA Status

✍️ Adding articles

Pull request workflow described in detail at our For Authors blog page.

🚀 Quick start

  1. Set up your development environment

    Set up your development environment using this part of Hugo Tutorial.

  2. Developing with Hugo.

    Do not need to do anything special, just

    hugo server -D
  3. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your site is now running at http://localhost:1313/!

    Open hugo project directory in your code editor of choice and edit any content inside hugo/content/. Save your changes and the browser will update in real time!

🎓 Learning Hugo

Looking for more guidance? Full documentation for Hugo lives on the website.

💫 Deploy

  1. Terraform configuration

    • Change Terraform backend configuration in file.

    • Change root_domain_name variable to your Route53 hosted zone name.

    • Create your static website AWS infrastructure by running:

      terrafrom plan
      terraform apply
  2. Generate Hugo static content

    hugo -v -d ./public
  3. Publish test changes

    aws s3 sync ./public s3://$(terraform output test_website_bucket)
  4. Validate your changes

    open $(terraform output test_website_url)
  5. Publish production changes

    aws s3 sync ./public s3://$(terraform output origin_website_bucket)

Converting .png to .webp

cd hugo
docker run -v $(pwd):/src --rm -it v4tech/imagemagick /bin/sh

apk --update add libwebp-tools
cd /src/content/article
for file in *.png ; do convert $file -quality 50 -define webp:lossless=true "${file%.png}.webp"; done
for file in *.webp; do dwebp $file -o ${file%.webp}.jpg; done
for file in *.webp; do dwebp $file -o ${file%.webp}.png; done
rm -Rf *.png


FOSSA Status

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