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Contributing to Handsontable

Your contributions to the project are very welcome. If you would like to fix a bug or propose a new feature, you can submit a Pull Request.

To help us merge your Pull Request, please make sure you follow these points:

  1. Please make your fix on a separate branch. This makes merging much easier.
  2. Do not edit files in dist/ directory (e.g: handsontable.js, handsontable.css, handsontable.full.js, handsontable.full.css). Instead, try to edit files inside the src/ directory and then use grunt to make a build. More information about this on wiki page Building.
  3. Very important: For any change that you make, please try to also add a test case(s) in tests/jasmine/spec/ or src/3rdparty/walkontable/test/jasmine/spec/. This helps us understand the issue and make sure that it will stay fixed forever. See Testing
  4. Very important: Please review our coding style for instructions on how to maintain a fork and submit patches.
  5. Describe the problem in the Pull Request description (of course you would do it, why do I mention that?)

Thank you for your commitment!

Team rules

The Handsontable team utilizes Git-Flow. See How we use Git-Flow