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I need to add Notes to each should be Addable ,Editable and Delectable in the Handsontable.Can anyone help me out ?

Thanks in Advance


I'll probably be working on this soon.

One of my goals will be to maintain copy/paste-ability with spreadsheet applications, which will present a significant challenge given the current textarea approach... compatibility between, say, excel and google docs is not great in this regard, so that might be a bit hard.

I haven't worked much with "freeform" tables (i.e. those that allow for adding new columns with the context menu), but for an object-based setup, I was thinking something along these lines:

var data = [
  {foo: 1, bar: "some note here"}

  data: data,
  columns: [
    {data: "foo", note: "bar"}

As a first step, this could be added with some custom Renderer\Editor subclasses, so that one would specify type: NotableCell... a fair amount of magic happens with type, so it might end up losing some of the built-in flexibility in this regard.

I might try starting out with bootstrap popover, but would eventually like to mimic the repositionable behavior of the desktop apps... however storing this location would be yet another field to have to specify on the data.

For my purposes, I'll probably need the note options to appear in the context menu as well as be accessible from buttons.

I am not sure if this will meet your needs, but please try to describe what your data might look like, and what you would expect from the API.




Thanks for your valuable time with me.

My application data would be like this ...


12 14 20 53

i should have ability to add notes to value ("12") in the column of "A" with small icon of the td and it should be visible if notes added.It is like adding notes for cell 's value in the Excel.


It's now available in version 0.11.0-beta2.
You can try it here:

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