@jansiegel jansiegel released this Feb 19, 2015 · 2284 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Major changes:

  • Replaced jQuery UI Datepicker with Pikaday (and moment.js) - that makes us jQuery-free (#1568)

API Changes:

  • Added a trimWhitespace config item, which allows enabling/disabling of whitespace trimming (#2140)


  • Fixed Handsontable not working as <hot-table> anywhere except Chrome (#2175)
  • Fixed a few editing issues with <hot-table> (#2148)
  • Fixed Handsontable not scrolling to fit the end of the selection (#2147)
  • Fixed issues with drag-n-drop from the table headers' corner (#2134)
  • Fixed a problem with Handsontable not scrolling to the first column, when using the keyboard (#2093)
  • Fixed Ctrl opening the Text Editor on Firefox on Ubuntu (#2086)
  • Fixed a problem with fill handle not being fully visible, when a row's last cell is selected, and the container contains scrollbars (#2085)
  • Fixed a problem with non-fixed columns being freezed after removing a fixed column (#2083)
  • Modified the Text Editor to match the cell's original line height (#1918)
  • Fixed a problem with Ctrl+Z removing the wrong rows in some situations (#1901)
  • Fixed a problem with Alt-Enter not working properly