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@jansiegel jansiegel released this Dec 6, 2017 · 780 commits to master since this release

New feature:

From now on you will able to translate messages and elements of the UI to your specific language. Read more about this new feature.

Breaking changes:

  • We have renamed our locale and language-related configuration options to free the namespace required for multi-language support introduced within this release.

What used to be defined as:

  format: '0,0.00 $',
  language: 'de-DE'

will now look like this:

  numericFormat: {
    pattern: '0,0.00 $',
    culture: 'de-DE'

Take a look at our documentation for more insight:


  • Fixed a problem, where updating the contextMenu entries using updateSettings was not working properly. (#4614)
  • Fixed a bug, where copied checkbox-typed cells were no longer functional. (#4580)
  • Fixed a problem, where declaring a multi-leveled contextMenu with the name property declared as a function would crash. (#4550)
  • Added multi-language support for the table. Please, take a look at for more information. (#4457)
  • Fixed a problem with scrolling the table using the keyboard, when renderAllRows: true was set. (#4205)
  • Fixed a problem with autocomplete and dropdown editors with languages using IME API. (#839)
  • Fixed a bug where afterScrollHorizontally hook was triggered after scrolling vertically. (#4512)
  • Fixed incorrect links in README. (#4636)
  • Updated the Typescript Definitions. (#4519)
  • Added validateRows and validateColumns functions. (#4583)
  • Added the default exports for UndoRedo and CustomBorders plugins. (#4572, #4571)

Corresponding Handsontable Pro version is 1.15.0

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