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Welcome to the handsontable wiki! It will be edited with how-to and usage examples.

API Reference


To see the list of recent changes, see the Changelog page


Before you open a new Issue, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Migration guide

See the Migration guide to 0.10.x if you are upgrading from 0.9.x to the current version
See the Migration guide to 0.9.x if you are upgrading from 0.8.x to 0.9.x
See the Migration guide to 0.8.x if you are upgrading from earlier versions


  1. If you are contributing or just building Handsontable for your own purpose, check out the guide on Building using Grunt.

  2. If you would like to contribute, read our instructions.

  3. Both open-source contributors and our own developers should follow the Coding style.

  4. As part of our effort to improve Handsontable performance, we have created a page with JavaScript & DOM performance tips.

  5. For new versions, we follow the Releasing a new version guide.

  6. We have a Smoke test scenario for things that need to be checked manually before each release.

Future versions

To see the the rough plan for the upcoming releases, see the Milestones page

Who's using

If you are using handsontable, feel free to add your URL to this list:

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