Send SMS notification on Synology NAS via Telstra
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Using Telstra-SMS for SMS notification on Synology NAS

Adapted from and

DiskStation Manager (DSM) of Synology supports sending SMS notifications by posting to HTTP url. Recently, Australian telco Telstra is offering a developer preview for their SMS API, with 1000 SMS message free per month.

This is simple python script to relay the API call between DSM and Telstra SMS API.


Python and requests module

$ wget
$ python
$ pip install requests


$ cd /usr/local/
$ curl -k -L | tar -xzv
$ mv hang321-synology-telstra-sms* telstra-sms

Configuration Parameters


PORT - port number for http server
LOGFILE - location of log file

Init script

$ mv /usr/local/telstra-sms/ /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/

Start the daemon

$ /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ start

In the administrative UI, configure the SMS provider (Control Panel -> Notification -> SMS -> Add SMS service provider). Name the new provider, e.g. "Telstra SMS API" and use the following url:


Press "Next", and assign the following categories:

appkey = Username
appsecret = Password
to = Phone number
text = Message text

Press "Apply"

username = your "Consumer Secret" after registered with Telstra API
password = your "Consumer Key" after registered with Telstra API
primary number = mobile number

Press the "Send a test SMS message" button to test.