a py.test plugin that re-runs failed tests up to -n times to eliminate flakey failures
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A py.test plugin that re-runs failed tests up to X times to eliminate flakey failures


(sudo) pip install git+https://github.com/klrmn/pytest-rerunfailures.git


  • --reruns=N reruns failing tests N times (default 0)
  • -r R reports on which tests were rerun (optional, may be combined with sxXF)


When teardown fails, two reports are generated for the case, one for the test case and the other for the teardown error.

In some versions of py.test, when setup fails on a test that has been marked with xfail, it gets an XPASS rather than an XFAIL (https://bitbucket.org/hpk42/pytest/issue/160/an-exception-thrown-in) fix should be released in version 2.2.5


The output should look something like this if run with '--reruns=2 -r fsxXR'

test_report_on_with_reruns.py .FxXR

=================================== FAILURES ===================================
________________________________ test_fake_fail ________________________________

    def test_fake_fail():
>       raise Exception, "OMG! fake test failure!"
E       Exception: OMG! fake test failure!

test_report_on_with_reruns.py:9: Exception
=========================== rerun test summary info ============================
RERUN test_report_on_with_reruns.py::test_flaky_test
RERUN test_report_on_with_reruns.py::test_flaky_test
=========================== short test summary info ============================
FAIL test_report_on_with_reruns.py::test_fake_fail
XFAIL test_report_on_with_reruns.py::test_xfail
  this will fail
XPASS test_report_on_with_reruns.py::test_xpass this will pass
====== 1 failed, 1 passed, 1 xfailed, 1 xpassed, 1 rerun in 0.04 seconds =======

Note: The output will only show RERUN if the test failed and then subsequently passed. Tests that fail on all the reruns will be marked as FAILED.


This plugin may not be used with class, module, and package level fixtures. Only method level fixtures will be set up and torn down correctly.

While this plugin is compatible with pytest-mozwebqa, the tests for this plugin may not be run with the pytest-mozwebqa plugin installed.

This plugin is not compatible with pytest-xdist's --looponfail flag.

This plugin is also not compatible with the core --pdb flag.

Continuous Integration

Build Status

Running the tests:

to test in your current environment: $ python setup.py install $ py.test . or for all of the supported environments: $ (sudo) pip install tox $ tox

There are 3 tests which are conditional on the presence of pytest-xdist.