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"Execute Plan" doesn't support CUBRID. Why? #13

kadishmal opened this Issue July 16, 2012 · 6 comments

2 participants

Esen Sagynov Cho HyunJong
Esen Sagynov

Since CUBRID supports Query Plan Execution, can Tadpole provide "Execution Plan" also in CUBRID? Or is Tadpole's "Execution Plan" different from CUBRID's?

Cho HyunJong
hangum commented July 16, 2012

thanks kadishmal.

Cho HyunJong hangum closed this July 17, 2012
Esen Sagynov

Oh, that's great! When do you plan to release 0.0.9? By the way, please respond to my email. I've sent an email to your Gmail account.

Cho HyunJong
hangum commented July 17, 2012

oh, yes. release 0.0.8 sr-1.
may be 7.24 release.

i receive email. thanks a lot. ^________________________________^

Esen Sagynov

Good. Please reply. I will wait.

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