A set of extensions for Robotlegs 2 to support usage with the Starling framework.
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I "ported" this from Omar Gonzalez's Starling Plugin from: https://github.com/s9tpepper/robotlegs-starling-plugin
to work with the current Robotlegs 2.

It's in a very early stage and I'm still figuring out if all the extensions I've ported are really necessary in a Starling application. So far mediator mappings and commands seems to work just as they should.
Also, it would be great to see if a starling-flavored-context could coexist and cooperate with a regular one.

Any input and/or help is highly appreciated!

There is a simple example at: https://github.com/alebianco/StarlingExtension-example

This is fork from https://github.com/alebianco/robotlegs-extensions-starling.git

Fixed compatibility with newest Robotlegs 2