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using log4net;
using MiNET;
using MiNET.Net;
using MiNET.Plugins;
using MiNET.Plugins.Attributes;
using MiNET.Plugins.Commands;
namespace EnableCommand
[Plugin(PluginName = "EnableCommand", Description = "You can enable to use command!", PluginVersion = "1.0", Author = "haniokasai")]
public class EnableCommand : Plugin
protected static ILog _log = LogManager.GetLogger("EnableCommand");
protected override void OnEnable()
Context.PluginManager.LoadCommands(new HelpCommand(Context.Server.PluginManager));// /helpを使えるようにする
Context.PluginManager.LoadCommands(new VanillaCommands(Context.Server.PluginManager));// /opを使えるようにする
Context.Server.PlayerFactory.PlayerCreated += PlayerFactory_PlayerCreated;
private void PlayerFactory_PlayerCreated(object sender, PlayerEventArgs e)
var player = e.Player;
player.PlayerJoin += Player_PlayerJoin;//generate player join event
private void Player_PlayerJoin(object sender, PlayerEventArgs e)
Player player = e.Player;
var setCmdEnabled = McpeSetCommandsEnabled.CreateObject();
setCmdEnabled.enabled = true;
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