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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import random
import hashlib
BASE58 = '123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz'
def Candidate():
Generate a random, well-formed mini private key.
rgen = random.SystemRandom() # Good random.
return('%s%s' % ('S', ''.join(
[BASE58[ rgen.randrange(0,len(BASE58)) ] for i in range(21)])))
def GenerateKeys(numKeys = 10):
Generate mini private keys and output the mini key as well as the full
private key. numKeys is The number of keys to generate, and
keysGenerated = 0
totalCandidates = 0
while keysGenerated < numKeys:
cand = Candidate()
# Do typo check
t = '%s?' % cand
# Take one round of SHA256
candHash = hashlib.sha256(t).digest()
# Check if the first eight bits of the hash are 0
if candHash[0] == '\x00':
privateKey = GetPrivateKey(cand)
print('\n%s\nSHA256( ): %s\nsha256(?): %s' %
(cand, privateKey,
if CheckShortKey(cand):
# Generate QRCode
os.system('qrencode -o /tmp/test.png -s 50 -l H -m 6 %s' % (cand))
# os.system('composite -gravity center coin.png /tmp/test.png %s.png' % (cand))
os.system('mv /tmp/test.png %s.png' % (cand))
keysGenerated += 1
totalCandidates += 1
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print('\n%s: %i\n%s: %i\n%s: %.1f' %
('Keys Generated', keysGenerated,
'Total Candidates', totalCandidates,
'Reject Percentage', 100*(1.0-keysGenerated/float(totalCandidates))))
def GetPrivateKey(shortKey):
Returns the hexadecimal representation of the private key corresponding
to the given short key.
if CheckShortKey(shortKey):
return hashlib.sha256(shortKey).hexdigest()
print('Typo detected in private key!')
return None
def CheckShortKey(shortKey):
Checks for typos in the short key.
if len(shortKey) != 22:
return False
t = '%s?' % shortKey
tHash = hashlib.sha256(t).digest()
# Check to see that first byte is \x00
if tHash[0] == '\x00':
return True
return False