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OSCON 2008, Session 4: LucidDB

  • Lucidera

  • LucidDB is and open-source column store


  • Boatload of data

  • Need to analyze

  • You are Lazy, cheap, smart

  • Not like bigtable or hypertable, vanilla db accelerated for analytics

  • Complex star joins and stuff

  • LucidDB addresses sizes between 10's of GB and terabytes (sweet spot).



  • TPC-H Scale Factor 10

  • LucidDB 0.7.4

    • 6GB Buffer Pool

    • libaio and O_DIRECT

  • MySQL 5.0.22, MyISAM

  • Scale factor 10 = 10GB flat file data = 60M lineitems

    • same schema, primary and foreign keys indexed

  • Machine used: AMD64 2Ghz, RHEL5, 2.6.18-8, JRockit R27.4, 8GB RAM, 1MB L2, SATA 10K RPM, ext3

  • Dramatic differences (factors of 2 and better are average)

  • Loading takes more time, Creating indexes a LOT faster


  • Read what you need

  • Aggressive compression

  • Optimal use of IO

  • Larger effective data cache

  • Uses index semijoin to handle star joins

  • Make every disk read count: High selectivity, fragmentation, page reads may by non-contiguous.

  • Java? What the… “If you're not doing Java, there's not a very good solution”

  • C++ heavy lifting.

  • Never do single-row inserts or updates into a column data store