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Acme::Cow Build Status Build status

A Perl 6 implementation of cowsay.


To install with zef:

zef update
zef install Acme::Cow


use Acme::Cow;

# Default => "Hello World!").display;

# Custom face => "Hello World!").set-face("stoned").display;

# Custom template => "Hello World!").display;

# Custom template & Custom face => "Hello World!").set-face("stoned").display;

Using the binary

cow-say --help
cow-say --about
cow-say --message='Hello World'
cow-say --message='Hello World' --face='stoned'
cow-say --message='Hello World' --template='camelia'

To Do

  • Enhance the text formatter
  • Add more templates
  • Use Terminal::ANSIColor to make the output more appealing


Naoum Hankache


Artistic License 2.0