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NPM Uninstall Facebook

Facebook’s relentless abuse of their position is making them difficult to support. Unfortunately, their products and open source projects have a large impact on our everyday lives.

Some people understandably, want to distance themselves as far as possible from Facebook, so this site provides alternatives to well known Facebook products, or products that are heavily reliant on Facebook technologies.

It is not a call to boycott Facebook or their open source contributions. People are of course, welcome to make those decisions on their own.


There are many open source projects by Facebook that are not listed here, yet. Please add your knowledge of alternatives by following this guide:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Add a new .md file in items that is {existingTech}.md.
    For example:
  3. Fill out the details. Here's the template:
    title: 'React'
    slug: 'react'
      - title: 'Preact'
        link: ''
      - title: 'Vue'
        link: ''
    React is a _very_ popular JavaScript library that helps developers create state-driven, component-based user interfaces.
  4. Create a pull request and after your site has been approved by an admin, it'll appear on!