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(in-package :qxl)
;;;; Backend for allegroserve
(defclass aserve-backend (qooxlisp-server-backend)
(defmethod shutdown-backend ((backend aserve-backend))
(when *wserver*
(defmethod backend-debug-off ((backend aserve-backend))
(net.aserve::debug-off :all))
(defmethod start-backend ((backend aserve-backend) &key port)
(net.aserve:start :debug nil :port port))
(defmethod backend-publish-file ((backend aserve-backend)
&key port path file)
(publish-file :port port
:path path
:file file))
(defmethod backend-publish-directory ((backend aserve-backend)
&key port prefix destination)
(publish-directory :port port
:prefix prefix
:destination destination))
(defmethod backend-publish-function ((backend aserve-backend)
&key path function)
;; Function takes two args, request and ent
(publish :path path
:function function))
(defmethod render-unescaped-response ((backend aserve-backend) string)
(catch 'excl::printer-error
(net.html.generator:html (:princ string))))
(defmethod backend-js-response ((backend aserve-backend) req ent function)
(net.aserve:with-http-response (req ent :content-type "text/javascript")
(net.aserve:with-http-body (req ent)
(render-unescaped-response backend (funcall function))))
(defmethod backend-json-response ((backend aserve-backend) req ent function)
(net.aserve:with-http-response (req ent :content-type "application/json")
(net.aserve:with-http-body (req ent)
(funcall function)))
(defmethod backend-request-value ((backend aserve-backend) request tag)
(net.aserve:request-query-value tag request))
(defmethod backend-get-raw-request ((backend aserve-backend) request)
(request-raw-request request))
(unless *default-backend-classname*
(setf *default-backend-classname* 'aserve-backend)
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