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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: qooxlisp; -*-
layout -- qooxdoo layout
(See package.lisp for license and copyright notigification)
(in-package :qxl)
(defmd qx-layout-item (qx-object) ;; better name: qx-laid-out-item
(visibility "visible")
height min-height max-height
width min-width max-width
margin margin-left margin-top margin-right margin-bottom
padding padding-left padding-top padding-right padding-bottom
align-x align-y
allow-shrink-x allow-shrink-y
allow-stretch-x allow-stretch-y)
(export! height ^height ^min-height min-height ^max-height max-height visibility ^visibility
^min-height min-height ^max-height max-height)
(export! width ^width ^min-width min-width ^max-width max-width
^min-width min-width ^max-width max-width)
(defobserver min-height ()
(when old-value-boundp
(with-integrity (:client `(:post-make-qx ,self))
(qxfmt "clDict[~a].setMinHeight(~a);" (oid self) new-value))))
(defobserver max-height ()
(when old-value-boundp
(with-integrity (:client `(:post-make-qx ,self))
(qxfmt "clDict[~a].setMaxHeight(~a);" (oid self) new-value))))
(defun visible (self)
(assert self () "visi self")
(equal (visibility self) "visible"))
(defmacro ^visible ()
`(visible self))
(defun hidden (self)
(assert self () "hid self")
(equal (visibility self) "hidden"))
(defun collapsed (self)
(assert self () "collaps self")
(equal (visibility self) "excluded"))
(defun vis/not (b)
(if b "visible" "hidden"))
(defmacro vis/collapsed (b)
`(if ,b "visible" "excluded"))
(export! visible ^visible collapsed hidden vis/not vis/collapsed)
(defmethod qx-configurations append ((self qx-layout-item))
(cfg visibility)
(cfg height)(cfg min-height)(cfg max-height)
(cfg width)(cfg min-width)(cfg max-width)
(cfg margin)(cfg margin-left)(cfg margin-top)(cfg margin-right)(cfg margin-bottom)
(cfg padding)(cfg padding-left)(cfg padding-top)(cfg padding-right)(cfg padding-bottom)
(cfg align-x)
(cfg align-y)
(cfg allow-grow-y)
(cfg allow-grow-x)
(cfg allow-shrink-y)
(cfg allow-shrink-y)))
(defmd qx-layout (qx-object))
(defmd qx-layout-abstract (qx-layout))
(defmd qx-grid (qx-layout-abstract)
(qx-class "qx.ui.layout.Grid" :allocation :class :cell nil)
spacing-x spacing-y)
(defmethod qx-configurations append ((self qx-grid))
(cfg spacing-x)(cfg spacing-y)))
(defmd qx-hv-box (qx-layout-abstract)
; anstract class on lisp side only
align-x align-y reversed separator spacing)
(defmethod qx-configurations append ((self qx-hv-box))
(cfg align-x)(cfg align-y)(cfg reversed)(cfg separator)(cfg spacing)))
(defmd qx-hbox (qx-hv-box)
(qx-class "qx.ui.layout.HBox" :allocation :class :cell nil))
(defmd qx-vbox (qx-hv-box)
(qx-class "qx.ui.layout.VBox" :allocation :class :cell nil))
(export! qx-flow)
(defmd qx-flow (qx-layout-abstract)
(qx-class "qx.ui.layout.Flow" :allocation :class :cell nil)
spacing-x spacing-y align-x align-y reversed)
(defmethod qx-configurations append ((self qx-flow))
(cfg align-x)(cfg align-y)
(cfg reversed)
(cfg spacing-x)(cfg spacing-y)))
;;; var scroller = new qx.ui.container.Scroll();
;;; win.add(scroller);
;;; var container = new qx.ui.container.Composite(new qx.ui.layout.Flow()).set({
;;; allowShrinkY: false
;;; });
;;; scroller.add(container);
;;; for (var i=0; i<30; i++)
;;; {
;;; container.add(new qx.ui.basic.Atom("item #" + (i+1), "icon/48/devices/computer.png").set({
;;; iconPosition: "top",
;;; width: 60,
;;; padding: 5
;;; }));
;;; }
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