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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ The free AllegroCL Trial version may not have enough oomph for
the included starter app Apropos. On one occasion it said it was
out of memory and I was toast. So I exited ACL and came back in
and all went well. If you run into this and bouncing does not help,
-a port to Hunchentoot and non-trial Lisps will be needed.
+try another lisp.
Not sure what is going on, but often trying to access the
Apropos example in Chrome or Safari the server will be seen
@@ -41,12 +41,13 @@ on Windows I found I had to reboot to get PATH mods into action.
In a hurry? Start here
-Next you need AllegroCL (which includes AllegroServe, the web server):
+Next you need AllegroCL (which includes AllegroServe, the web server),
+or Steel Bank Common Lisp and Hunchentoot. Maybe other Lisps work too?
-A port to OtherCL and OtherServe (or OtherToot) should be
-ridiculously easy but is left as an exercise. Contribs welcome.
Get a browser that can handle console.log();
@@ -79,23 +80,19 @@ Now create a top-level directory called "devel" and execute:
[I am still learning git, but I will look at merging the
latest qooxlisp work back into the master branch.]
-If you want to put the projects somewhere else there are paths
-in the lisp source (see function serve-apropos) which you will
-have to change so AllegroServe can find the files.
[Note: qooxlisp also needs cl-json but as a convenience (and to work in the
ACL project file I use) I have duplicated the needed code under qooxlisp.
You can safely use a direct copy of cl-json (
if you like, but then you need to ASDF load it somehow and eliminate the
cl-json project from the qooxlisp project (referring to the ACL project manager).]
Now fire up the AllegroCL trial and open the apropos project:
'File>Open Project...' and look for \devel\qooxlisp\qooxlisp.lpr
-As mentioned above, edit apropos.lisp and modify the paths to the qooxdoo stuff
-in function serve-apropos to match your set-up.
Run the project (first 'Tools>Compile Project' then 'Run>Run Project') to
start up Allegroserve serving apropos on port 8000 (easy enough to change) then
open localhost:8000 in your browser. I have tested FireFox, Chrome, Safari,
@@ -113,6 +110,12 @@ the IDE apropos dialog as closely as possible so I defeated that.)
Speaking of which, in the ACL IDE you can see/use the dialog: Windows>Apropos.
+Install Hunchentoot with quicklisp or other mean.
+From the shell in qooxlisp directory, run:
+sbcl --load easy-load.lisp
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+;; Hopefully an easy start..
+;; Run this on the commandline:
+;; sbcl --load easy-load.lisp
+(defvar *here* *load-truename*)
+ (let ((base (namestring (make-pathname :directory
+ (pathname-directory *here*)))))
+ (flet ((add (relative)
+ (pushnew (parse-namestring (format nil "~a/~a" base relative))
+ asdf:*central-registry*)))
+ (mapcar #'add
+ '(""
+ "cl-json/"
+ "../cells/"
+ "../utils-kt/"
+ "apropos/")))
+ (assert (asdf:find-system :hunchentoot nil)
+ nil
+ "You need hunchentoot, install for example with quicklisp")
+ (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :qooxlisp)
+ (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :apropos)
+ (eval (read-from-string "(qooxlisp::serve-apropos 8000)"))
+ (format t "~%Look at localhost:8000 with your browser. If you have firefox, install firebug first.")))

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